Lormat Consulting Company (LCC) specializes in live and virtual programs that connect business communities in different parts of the world. Our content rich programs aim at upgrading your knowledge, skill sets and open doors to new opportunities.

We place you and your organization as our primary focus. LCC carefully conducts a research on the industry trends to present the most insightful conference programs that bring a more inclusive learning experience, inspire learning, lobby change and prepare you to adapt to a demanding environment. Our journey across the globe has thought us that we grow by celebrating differences and this built our passion and love for diversity and inclusion.



To build a global network of diverse professionals who feel empowered to drive economies and enterprises


Our mission is to foster relationships and make business communities more inclusive. We fulfil our mission by building platforms where knowledge, resources and best practices are key to individual and organization growth

Areas of Practice

B2B Experiences

Experiences are personal; growth is mandatory and we understand the essence of both. We work closely with you to create inclusive conference designs and training programs that bring in the right thought leaders to help you meet your objective.

Virtual Experiences

The future is virtual. Our team of experts design virtual conference programs that are customized for any industry and bring in relevant experts to address the topics from any part of the world.

Public Programs

We believe that transformation is seeing a problem as an opportunity. We create content rich programs that address the current market trends and come up with possible solutions. We analyse each industry through an in-depth research and carefully craft our content to offer our target audience the most relevant take-aways that take they implement in their current practices.

Association Management

We support associations by designing conference programs and managing them end-to-end. Our priority is to not only deliver value to your members, but to help you build an outreach to acquire new members.


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D&I in the time of crisis

Diversity and Inclusion has become a very integral part of our lives. Today's crisis unveils that D&I doesn't necessarily need to be practiced when people are physically present in an office.

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Latest News

Laptops are Useful but Pens are Precious

There was a time when pens were one of our most precious belongings and we had a collection of them. A family member close to our hearts, pens reflected a unique strength. . .

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